Everyone can talk even animal can talk – Optus Telecom

Optus Telecom trying doing everything they can to make your life simple!
As telecommunication industry growth,
telcos are trying to get as much market share as possible.
But how?
Optus Australia Telco try to make the consumer life simple.
How far this australia telco can do, i’m not sure.

What i can say is a successful Telecom will always collect their customer complaint,
and turn tat become their strength!

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One Response to “Everyone can talk even animal can talk – Optus Telecom”

  1. Alex Says:

    yeah and it belongs to singtel.. lolz. i’m usin optus broadband.. no problems so far. wat im waitin for now is the 24Mbps adsl2+ to get to my area 🙂 woohoo !!

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