Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won in Shampoo Commercial

The hot and sexy korean female celebrities Ha Ji Won featured in a korea shampoo commercial. With the sexy korean actress Ha Ji Won this commercial seems to be very attractive and seducive (of course this is for guys). Fair enough to satisfy both male and female audience, Jo In Sung (the handsome korean star which most korean girls mad of) also showing in the ads.

Frankly speaking, this is the first time i watch a hair shampoo commercial which do not really seems like a hair shampoo commercial. It seems more like a scence in a romantic love movie :p

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13 Responses to “Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won in Shampoo Commercial”

  1. MArifel Says:

    do you know….everytime when that “memories in bali” flashed on to our screen…it rocks me so much….!Because I LOVE THIS!!!And everytime Paolo would appear on it..i am going to be inlove…but not woth someonelse…but only for that one person…”Paolo……”I love you…What can i Say but i am obsessed oof that show..We all here hoping that there would be coming “Memories in Bali part 2”!but paolo….wish you all the best,And to all the cast of the show…I’m so proud of you all!you rock…! You make me a happy person at all!

  2. Vicky Says:

    Can u translate what they say?

  3. maryam Says:

    i love jo in sung and ha ji won so much…

  4. O Says:

    Jo In Sung……..I Love U

  5. yuna~ Says:

    hyE jO!!
    jUz waNna saId,,my friEnd faCe is loOk liKe u!!i hOpe We’ll b friEnd One daY…but i knOw it’s cAn’t b truE..juz hopE u haPpy witH u’R life n njOy it..May gOd bleSs u..bYe~!!

  6. aLLeN_22 Says:

    hAlu…!! in sung and ji won. . .i really love your tandem..! hope to see u n person both .. come to see us nman oh ..? here n the philippines..! many of us here really love u…!!!!!!! god bless u both…

  7. Maribeth Says:

    I love you Jo In Sung…………………forever………….mwah!

  8. ang ma soya 2wad Says:

    there will no part 2 of “memories of bali” even though i like it so much because the three main characters of it were already dead sorry:( 🙂

  9. BThailand Says:

    Very cute couple.

    Want to see Ha ji-won and Jo In-song come back to acting comedy drama or movie.

    Ha ji-won and Jo In-song is tops acting.From I watch What happen in bali.

    I to follow performance of Ha ji-won and Jo In-song.

    Love Ha ji-won very much.

  10. vivi Says:

    jo in sung…………..u very handsome…………saranghe

  11. wennie Says:

    hi 2 ol jo in sung avid fans…..wel,ol i can say is….jo in sung is really a great person coz many pipol admire him….i love his shampoo commercial….have you seen it…isnt it great?

  12. Kiky Says:

    You rock my world jo in sung ai shite iru ne

  13. iremm Says:

    ı want to ask about the song which is on the commercial. do you know whose son is it?

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